Based in Durham, we arrange free
Financial Advice or Estate Planning Advice in the comfort of your home in Tyne & Wear

About Us

RightPolicy4u set up free advice appointments on your behalf
Based in Durham, we serve Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Our 'Free Advice Introducers' could meet you in many ways, most commonly by seeing you at your home, shopping centres, organised community events, or in some cases at your place of work (organised through your employer as a free business perk).

Once our introducer has spoken with you, you will be able to determine whether or not you and your family could directly benefit from this service.  The relevant service (financial or estate planning) will be explained so that you are fully aware of what to expect during your free appointment. 

At the point that it is agreed that you would like to take advantage of this genuinely free advice service, a suitable date and time for the appointment to take place will be agreed.  This will be confirmed by telephone with the attending adviser/consultant.

The introducer will need to take some details (this will never include bank details) which will enable your attending adviser/consultant to minimise the duration of your appointment and carry out some appointment preparation prior to the visit, generally these appointments last between 45 minutes to one hour.  

Within 24 working hours you will receive an email from your attending adviser confirming the appointment details, (public holidays and banks holidays are not calculated in this time period).

All advice, regardless of its nature (Financial or Estate Planning) is strictly administered by locally appointed qualified advisers or consultants who are experts in their field.

Please note this is a completely free review service with no hidden charges and at no point are you obliged to take any advice, our service is completely free from selling so there is no pressure involved throughout.

RightPolicy4u do not employ Financial Advisers or Estate Planners, our role is simply to introduce you to a qualified professional who can answer all of your important questions and provide you with suitable advice in direct relation to your individual and family needs.  This service provides people with total clarity and complete piece of mind.

RightPolicy4u introducers are not qualified to give Financial or Estate Planning advice, they are simply there to book the appointment on your behalf.

impartial financial advisor

How does this work?

The three simple steps of your review:
  1. The validity of your existing policy will be checked.
  2. The value of your existing policy will be checked.
  3. The current suitability of your existing policy will be checked.
No policy in place? No Problem:
  1. You will be asked what you want to protect.
  2. You will be asked what your budget is.
  3. The most suitable policy for you will be sourced.

What types of financial advice are covered?

Introduced qualified financial advisers can give professional advice on the following services:
Business Protection Advice
Commercial Insurance Advice
Critical Illness Protection Advice
Equity Release Advice
Family Income Benefit Advice
Financial Advice
Income Protection Advice
Investments & Pensions Advice
Key Man Insurance Advice
Life Insurance Advice
Life Insurance Trust Advice
Mortgage Advice
Over 50's Life Insurance Advice
Personal Insurance Advice
Term Life insurance Advice
Whole Of Life Insurance Advice
Who are we?
financial advice

What should I expect?

What you can expect in a typical free estate planning appointment:
  1. Friendly Adviser Introduction & ID.
  2. Confirmation that the appointment is free.
  3. What can your consultant help you with?
  4. Find out what your concerns are.
  5. What are your appointment expectations.
  6. Current government climate situation explained.
  7. Beneficiaries and Executors discussed.
  8. What provisions do you currently have in place?
  9. Protection of your assets discussed.
  10. Which assets do you want to protect?
Note: All information is confidential and data protected and you are reassured of no obligations.

What types of Estate Planning advice are covered?

Introduced qualified Estate Planning Consultants can give professional advice on the following services:
Annual Storage Advice
Asset Trust Advice
Bespoke Disability Trust Advice
Business Lasting Power of Attorney
Codocil (to an existing will) Advice
Deed of Variation (to an existing will) Advice
Estate Planning Advice
Family Asset Trust Advice
Funeral Plan Advice
Inheritance Tax Help Advice
Lasting Power of Attorney Advice
Last Will and Testament Advice
Lifetime Interest in Property Trust Advice
Lifetime Storage Advice
Memorandum of Wishes Advice
Mirror Will with Discretionary Trust Advice
Mirror Will with Nil Rate Band Trust Advice
Probate/Letters of Administration Advice
Protective Property Trust Advice
Protective Will Property Trust Advice
Severance of Tenancy Advice
Simple Declaration of Trust Advice
Single Will with Discretionary Trust Advice
Single Will with Nil Rate Band Trust Advice
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